Heavyweight Champion

The Domestic Olympics: Let the Fun and Games Begin!

Forget gymnasts and shot putters. It's the women doing ordinary household chores that really deserve those gold medals! Continue Reading...

A Thing of the Past?

A Clothesline in the Sand: How Not to Air Your Dirty Laundry

So what’s the best way to convince your husband to buy a new dryer? Strategery, of course! Continue Reading...

Ironing a different tune

More Pressing Matters: Putting in a Plug for Ironing

I've just been elected Chairman of the Board - the Ironing Board, that is. Continue Reading...

A Girl of Many Talents

The Lost Art of Homemaking: Is the Time We Save Worth What We Gave Up to Save It?

My grandmother would be amazed at all the gadgets in my kitchen. She would also be horrified to discover all the homemaking skills I've lost because of them. Continue Reading...

Not a Sight for Sore Eyes

Coming Clean About Housework: The Dirt On My Housekeeper

No one on the planet ever had a housekeeper as bad as this one. Oh well. I guess I get what I deserve. Continue Reading...

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