Childlike Wisdom

Rock Paper Scissors

The Solution to All World Conflict: Rock, Paper, Scissors of Course!

Who knew a simple little game could have such a far-reaching impact? Continue Reading...

Ignoring that still, small voice

Of My Own Choosing: Deciding Which Way to Turn

Life is a series of choices. Making the right one isn’t always easy. Continue Reading...

Spring Recital Day!

Practice Makes Perfect Sense: Shedding some light on a dark situation

Who knew a simple piano recital would end up being a performance of courage? Continue Reading...

Aidan thought it was wonderful!

Hidden Treasure!: Here’s a prize that’s really worth seeking!

Shiver me timbers! Untold riches are right under me feet! Continue Reading...

Tipping the Scales

Monkey Business Sense: Going Ape Over the Right Investments

Solomon may have been wise, but one of his investments sure has me scratching my head. Continue Reading...

Three Little Jolly Girls

Oh I Could Write a Sonnet!: About my Easter bonnet, and my Easter gloves

As a little girl I was never more completey decked out than on Easter Sunday morning. I was an outfit that just screamed for accessories! Continue Reading...

Aidan knows the secret!

Open Wide Your Mouth: A Hearty Appetite for Blessings

I know God wants me to know the fullness of His blessings. Why am I so reluctant to receive them? Continue Reading...

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