Twas the Week Before Christmas

A Holiday Recollection

'Twas the Week Before Christmas and all through the house
Nothing was ready, which bothered my spouse.

The stockings weren't hung - they were still in the attic.
(My neighbor's were up, but then she's a fanatic!)

The children were all flying in in three days.
Which is why I was praying for long flight delays,

While hoping they'd manage, somehow, to adapt
To the fact that their gifts were unbought and unwrapped.

My tree seemed to lean at a precarious angle,
Unadorned, wih its lights on the floor in a tangle.

I hadn't bought groceries or baked any pies.
I meant to of course, but oh my how time flies!

My Christmas card envelopes still weren't addressed,
And my white linen tablecloth hadn't been pressed.

At Christmas I'm usually more energetic,
But this this year I was gloomy and quite apathetic.

This procrastination was really insane,
This putting things off had caused a migraine.

So I downed Ibuprofen and curled up in bed
While visions of shopping malls danced in my head.

When out from the den there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter!

Away through the kitchen I flew like a flash,
Tripped on an old house shoe, and knocked over the trash.

When what with my wondering eyes did I see
But a mess that was caused by no one but me.

A huge box of ornaments, trinkets and more
Had spilled all its contents out on the floor.

Oh why had I placed it so high on that shelf?
I cried when I saw it, in spite of myself.

A major disaster was this one - and how!
Well dash it all, dash it all, dash it all now.

There was nothing to do now but clean up the mess,
How long it would take me was anyone's guess.

I might as well tackle the job, and I knew it,
So I poured me some cocoa and got myself to it.

I'll start with this tinsel, I said with a shrug,
Its glitter's embedding itself in my rug!

As I wound up the silvery stuff round my finger
I found myself pausing a bit, just to linger

Recalling my Mamma's aluminum tree
With its rotating light wheel in colors of three!

I next picked up ornaments many years old
Of dried macaroni, spray painted gold.

These preschool creations so clunky and brittle
Were gifts from my children, back when they were little.

I picked the next ornament up and I tarried,
Twas on our small tree the first year we were married.

It was made out of plastic (we hadn't much money)
But we hung it together, just me and my honey.

I then saw our manger scene under the table
Mary and Joseph and the crude little stable.

I'll never forget what a tempest was tossed
The year baby Jesus was mysteriously lost.

He seemed to have vanished right into thin air!
I know, for believe me - we looked everywhere!

In toy chests, in closets, in pockets and sofas,
In Cheerios boxes and old penny loafas.

We searched high and low til at last he was found
Asleep in the doll house, safe and sound.

A letter to Santa with Lauren's wish list
In 5-year-old scribble caused my eyes to mist.

A few tacky knickknacks I should have re-gifted,
But with each decoration my poor spirits lifted.

Who knew such a chore could bring me such pleasure?
Each item I touched held a memory to treasure.

So what if the tree was still naked and bare?
If I didn't make mincemeat would anyone care?

Who cared if the stockings remained in the attic?
(Well, maybe my neighbor, you know - the fanatic.)

Though the stuff still remained on the floor where it scattered,
I now had the secret of really what mattered.

So next time the holidays have you all stressed,
Revisit your memories - I'm sure you'll be blessed.

May your days all be merry, and joyful and bright;
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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